Our Mission

Our Artificial Intelligence Engine (AINE) combined with our Ultrafast Data Platform (UDAP) provide quick Insights as a Service (INaaS).

For the Retail Market we offer many other Insights apart from Customer Patterns Behavior including Price & Promo sensitiveness, Best Assortment, Category Performance and Best Store Location for your next Openings.

Our team

software Engineers

Ph.D and Masters

Our software engineers are very well prepared with 

several masters e,g. Biostatistics, WEB Engineering, Big data techniques and so on. They have worked in various sectors highlighting Aerospace Engineering, participation in research projects in the European Union, processes automation, ERP´s management and so on. Their CV is complemented by the publication of  "papers" and being co-authors of various Software Engineering books.


Their work is complemented with the use of AI and NLP , Design of Experiments,  DEV Ops etc. whose experience applies to data analysis and to the solution of the Problems posed in the “Retail” world.

maths & physics 


Our Senior Data Scientists  have more than 20 years of experience having worked in the world of AI and machine learning (ML).


They have a PhD in Mathematics and a strong background in probability and advanced statistics. Accustomed to handling the necessary tools in his R / Python field, Deep learning and Matlab they are experts in the H2O environment and they have several publications on probabilistic modeling and optimization.,