Leading retailers know that in order to build customer loyalty, they must offer a unique, efficient and personalized shopping experience. You have to work with imaginative and innovative ideas and apply them to Loyalty programs.

In order to succeed in the coming years, we should ask ourselves six questions:

1.How are we different from the competition? Concentrate on what gives us a competitive advantage (this is the core of our company) and get rid of the superfluous.

2. -What strategic relationships should we seek and cultivate? In an uncertain and changing world, this is basic to the future of our company.

3. -How can we use technology to differentiate ourselves? The Company leaders of the future will also be leaders in technology.

4. -Do we offer our clients an omnichannel experience? Companies must meet the growing expectations of consumers in order to buy what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

5. -Do we pay enough attention to social networks? Companies cannot afford to ignore conversations about them on social networks, but rather use them as an opportunity to improve.

6. - How can we involve customers in innovation? We must know what consumers are demanding. Many companies already use crowdsourcing or open call for an undetermined group of people, to contribute with new visions and ideas.

So, what strategies should we follow to improve the customer experience and therefore increase their loyalty?

1. - Omnichannel: Offer the advantages of loyalty programs through the web, tablets or smartphones. In this way, we achieve a more direct and immediate response from the client, increasing their comfort and giving them the opportunity to interact with us.

2. - Personalize your promotions: This implies giving our clients a personalized experience and an attention perceived as individualized. From promotions for you and only you, to recognition as a loyal customer (surprise) or the possibility of choosing your own discount promotions.

3. - Offer events and experiences: Money cannot buy everything, especially a good experience. In this way, we can offer our clients participation in courses, tastings, store openings, and any type of event that provides positive and memorable sensations for the client. Some retailers even let you choose the design of your Loyalty Card.

4. - Rewarding customer interaction: That is, we can reward you for visiting our shop, downloading our application, commenting on our customer forum, giving your opinion on a product from our range, answering surveys, recommending us on social networks, bringing a friend, etc, etc. In this way we also manage to involve you in our project and our philosophy, and the client will feel that he is part of our group.

5. - Combining loyalty with financial products: Offering financial products (insurance, loans, etc. ) with favourable or advantageous conditions that are linked to the credit card and that go beyond the consumer sector. There are more strategies, these are perhaps the most relevant, but any other is also valid as long as it adds great value to our customers and - of course - is profitable.

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